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Hollywood Motors is the largest, highest-rated car lease broker in the Tri-State area. Our success is accredited to repeat customers and referrals due to the high-level customer service we provide and giving our customers the best possible deals. Our car lease consultants take the time to get to know every one of our clients to find the perfect vehicle to fit your unique wants and needs.

At Hollywood Motors, we remove everything you hate about buying a car and will change your perception of the car-buying experience. As a car-buying service and auto broker near me, we will do all the dirty work for you.

​As an Auto Broker in New Jersey, we find you the exact car you’re looking for so you will never have to settle. We negotiate the best price. We negotiate the trade-in on your behalf and get you the best financing rate.

All you have to do is come in and pick up your brand-new car, or have us deliver it right to your home or office. No more dealing with salespeople. No more going back and forth with a sales manager. No more upselling from the finance department. Buying a car CAN be this simple!

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Change your car buying experience.

Your car buying experience will never be the same again. Take all the hassle out of buying a car and enjoy getting a new vehicle. No high-pressure salespeople! No Sales Managers trying to up-sell you! No Haggling. It starts with a simple phone call to our team. We gather all the details we need. From there, we get right to work for YOU!

Are you tired of the dealership games?

Most people love getting a new car but dread the car-buying experience.​ Why not let us handle the dirty work for you?

  • Stop getting ripped off on price and overpaying for cars.
  • Stop getting pushed into a car that you don’t want.
  • Stop being overcharged for an extended warranty and walk out with a higher finance rate than you qualify.
  • At Hollywood Motors, buying or leasing a new car is fast and easy, and we will even deliver it to your home or office!

Sell Your Car

Selling Your Vehicle to Hollywood Motors is Quick & Easy! Start by sharing a few vehicle details with our car-buying team. Once we have reviewed your information, we will prepare an offer for you and contact you with our best offer based on current market conditions. No haggling! No hassles! Highest Prices Paid!

How are we different than some of the car-leasing services out there?

Before you go through a program like TRUECar, American Express, USAA, BJ’s,, Edmunds, Auto Trader, or another auto broker service, you must understand they work for the dealership, NOT you.

Are you thinking of hiring another Car Buying Service or Auto Broker? Ask them this… Do they work exclusively for you or receive a commission from the dealer and you?

Here is how it works. A dealer signs up to be on their dealer network and pays these companies to participate in their program. The dealer’s fees are on a monthly, per-sale, or per-lead basis. These companies then take your information and sell it to the dealers.

If a lead provider is not profitable for the dealership, they won’t use them. So do the math. How good of a deal are you getting? Do these “Car Buying Services” have your best interest in mind or the dealership’s?

By hiring a professional car-buying service like Hollywood Motors, we work for you, not the dealership. With you paying us directly, our interest is only in you getting the absolute best possible deal. We will find you any make and any model vehicle. We only have your interest in mind and not the dealerships. We are paid 100% BY YOU and work 100% FOR YOU!